Witches' Brew (with RUIZZOIDMAN)

Witches' Brew (with RUIZZOIDMAN)

Darren Sullivan

Produced, Composed and Arranged by Sullivan and Ruizzoidman soundcloud.com/ruizzoidman21centurions soundcloud.com/esemanolain-ruizzo
Guitars, Piano, Bass: Ruizzoidman
Lyrics: Darren Sullivan (Ruizzoidman translator)

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  • Robert Gray Music
    Robert Gray Music 

    Great stuff. Reminds me of that side project that Jimmy Page…

  • idematoa

    Escapade musical intemporelle somptueuse !! Great collaborat…

  • Electrometis

    this kind of takes me back to late 60's psychedelia - fantas…

  • Joshua Rodriguez
    Joshua Rodriguez 

    muy buena musica, estupendo flow y gran colaboracion


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