Tea Are Sea - Cosmic Surf (Paddle Lick Mix)

Tea Are Sea - Cosmic Surf (Paddle Lick Mix)

Dough Factory

Had a 'cosmicboatload' of a good time remixing this track. I'm not sure I did it justice but when I first heard this...
Original Track Here- soundcloud.com/tea_are_sea/cosmic-surf

I just loved it... And I wanted to make…

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    See, this is what happens when you two get together unsuperv…

  • Pier WILL
    Pier WILL 

    Oh yes, a beautiful piece! well played and creative together…

  • Davy Vance
    Davy Vance 

    A hefty dose of fun and humour,a perfect antidote for 'serio…

  • GrevusAnjl

    Wonderfully quirky sounds in this composition, Ryan. I'm dig…


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