Synesthesia For Piano & Synth

Synesthesia For Piano & Synth


This ode to the Spring Solstice for Piano with just a hint of Strings tells a Story. But...
I'll leave That entirely up to Your imaginations, my friends. ;-)

May you enJoy the journey.

© Gary Courtland-Miles 2021
℗ G…

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  • Robert Brogan
    Robert Brogan 

    beautiful piece ❤️ Loce what u wrote in your bio! great to m…

  • Eden Project
    Eden Project 

    Like this one so much too, this is a wonderfull lyrical tune…

  • Javier Piñeira
    Javier Piñeira 

    A composition that carries a lot inside it, feelings. Good t…

  • Folderol

    Like the way you switch the reverb in and out... sort of nea…


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