Asteroid Miner (with John Byrne)

Asteroid Miner (with John Byrne)

⚕ Gom Jabbar
[original guitar score by @john-byrne-117035719]

a 4-3-2-1

Final lap dance, one last drink
but baby don’t feel sorry for me.
About to ditch the thing
that makes your boobs swing—
back up …

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  • R-Soul

    I love this soooo much. I wish my forefather was an asteroid…

  • Robert Paterson Composer
    Robert Paterson Composer 

    This is awesome. So much fun. You have so much life in your …

  • Ladat

    Wow, excellent funky tune. The guitars are catchy and vocals…

  • Cavebar

    This is fun and creative and packs a punch!


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