Week 23d - I Think I’ll Buy Myself Flowers (210603)

Week 23d - I Think I’ll Buy Myself Flowers (210603)


"I Think I'll Buy Myself Flowers" (#467, 210603)

Editors notes:
1. No alcohol was consumed or even idealized during the writing or singing of these lyrics.
2. Title was a prompt from Brent Baxter for a podcast he runs. …

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  • Bernard Dady
    Bernard Dady 

    Home Alone 2021 - so this what happened to Kevin McCallister…

  • David Easterling
    David Easterling 

    🤔When lonely hold his head up high... Or learning to date o…

  • Claes

    Even though the music is upbeat, the lyrics convey the bitte…

  • Tamora Wilson
    Tamora Wilson 

    This is so cute! Well, I've definitely bought myself flowers…


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