Headphone Heaven (Freeverse Pt. 11) (Prod. Subway Fck)

Headphone Heaven (Freeverse Pt. 11) (Prod. Subway Fck)

Dreams of who I'm gonna be, dreams of who I am
Wonder who I wanna be, I'mma be the man

This one for the fans, got myself a plan /
not to chase a hunnid grand but to make it for the fam
Thats just who I am, call myself …

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  • EDawg

    Very smooth and relaxed I like your flow good bars this is overall great keep em coming G

  • Remark

    decent trak bro liking this s=tuff

  • 1 White Glitch [Yash Pachisia]
    1 White Glitch [Yash Pachisia] 

    Dude I'm in love with the rap flow! Absolutely awesome!

  • Fady Naguib - MixVibe
    Fady Naguib - MixVibe 

    man that melody is so cool, love the vibe as well


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