The Messiest Mom: Let's talk about BREASTFEEDING

The Messiest Mom: Let's talk about BREASTFEEDING

So many women feel shame and guilt for their experience when it comes to feeding their newborn (whether it is through breastfeeding, or formula feeding, or a combination of both) because we are lead to believe there is a…

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  • Laura Toffan
    Laura Toffan 

    This is excellent! Thank you for doing this. There is a lot of history and reasons why we have almost lost the ability to breastfeed due to the introduction of formula. Woman in the 60's and on were actually discouraged and were not supported. Instead, formula was pushed. When it came time for Lauren, I was determined to nurse. I was alone. She was latching on and my nipples were bleeding. Will was asking all the ladies in his office for help. Then my milk came in. No one prepared me for this. I was so full now, she couldn't latch on. I had to teach myself to express in order for her to latch on. Then there was the blocked duct! Not a fun thing to go through. My doctor helped me with that one. And then once my milk finally stablized, every time I heard a baby cry, my milk would let down like a fountain. We were in Kew Beach and I had to walk back to our apartment leaving two trails of milk following me. I had to laugh.


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