Airlines & Easter #2

Airlines & Easter #2

Barry Lewis' Stonkin' Foodcast

It's our second podcast, whoop whoop! Discussing Easter (as it's happening right now) and United Airlines passenger handling skills (as that is also happening right now). We also have a little intro piece and talk about …

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  • Artvin

    I shared this to all my friends! (And kind of forced them to…

  • Wes Spearman #1
    Wes Spearman #1 

    Ah thought you were going to talk about cricket. I'm at the …

  • Tera Christene Sterling
    Tera Christene Sterling 

    hello guys!! i love listening to u!! i love ur sense of humo…

  • Yanni Hurt
    Yanni Hurt 

    I'm not even half way though and you guys have me smiling fr…


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