Tiniest Cloud (disquiet0599)

Tiniest Cloud (disquiet0599)

Noodle Twister

More on this 599th weekly Disquiet Junto project, Minimal(ist) Blend (The Assignment: Make a piece of music that combines self-contained minimalist parts), at: disquiet.com/0599/

About the Disquiet Junto: disquiet.com/j

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  • Jimmy Lem

    Jimmy Lem

    · 9mo

    Love how this ebb is developing. Searching. Building. Very c…

  • encym


    · 10mo

    Really beautifully developed deep listening ear fodder

  • John Wright

    Very pretty, lush pads. Nicely done.

  • Soundoferror

    love the transition, and where it lands here, is alien lands…


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