Monster Hunter Medley (Demo) - Simon Leong

Monster Hunter Medley (Demo) - Simon Leong

Simon Leong

Made for my acoustic guitar duo With Ether. Please enjoy!

A medley of various themes from the Monster Hunter Series. Arranged for acoustic guitar.

Originally composed by Masato Kouda, Yu…

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  • _ Ashfur _
    _ Ashfur _ 

    I miss this, the nostalgia... I'm gonna cry

  • Alex Jones
    Alex Jones 

    I was only 6 when i first was introduced to the game. And no…

  • Someone

    7 years late from listening to this amazing song :(

  • herd u liek mudkips
    herd u liek mudkips 

    is this how Teo's Orphee users feel?


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