Dripping Blues

Dripping Blues

The Welton Shipwreck

A song about getting old


The skin you're wound in
won't keep the sound in
so stop pretending

You hiss and you are steaming
Your eyes are streaming
and I can't say here, no

Slip-on shoes and dripping blues

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  • Michael  Stella: Guitars, Bass, Vocals
    Michael Stella: Guitars, Bass, Vocals 

    awesome banjo part. great guitar work, as always! Very fine …

  • Jon Richardson
    Jon Richardson 

    The banjo on this is superb! Amazing song

  • GabeyBaby

    did u play the guitar on this it has a nice immaculate vibe …

  • Mr Cagey
    Mr Cagey 

    Super song. Lovely dreamy sound. Always love a banjo, I just…


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