Juicy Tunes 003 w/ DJ NORTHERN

Juicy Tunes 003 w/ DJ NORTHERN

Tech Couture

Born in Montreal and raised in Yorkshire, DJ NORTHERN has grown up with all genres of music from northern soul to underground, dnb and techno. Moving to Berlin to pursue a career in music, DJ NORTHERN has developed her s…

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  • XD


    · 3mo

    You are from Berlin xD 🥰🙄💫 and 🙏🎶 and ❤️❤️❤️

  • Nagib Semmar

    The world need more Juicy Tunes <3 <3 Big hug and love <3 <3

  • Nagib Semmar

    Dear Olivia... WOOW !!!!!

  • Luís


    · 9mo

    Yes Olivia!!! Loving your mixes too much! See you in Berlin …


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