Infinity+1 - w/STONERJAZZ

Infinity+1 - w/STONERJAZZ

TexMex Shaman

This is a tune that STONERJAZZ and I manifested. He had some ideas he'd recorded and they sparked this wicked jam

it's an instrumental that we both contributed some madness to, hope you enjoy.

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  • N.o.b.S.


    · 1mo

    I love this new genre "kickass", haven´t yet any comparable …

  • Stricknice

    Super other worldly shredding bro this is just sick!

  • Tot.


    · 1mo

    TMX&STONER==Stimlus! .....Exact....FLASH!!! Oh~Yeah!

  • Tea R. Sea

    Anything you and Jeff both touch is gold! Nice to give this …


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