• Robert Flynn
    Robert Flynn 

    Decent thematic development and an interesting vocal. Keep u…

  • Am I SYko
    Am I SYko 

    love the switch ups on this keeps you alive and theres so mu…

  • Wojtek Stecyszyn
    Wojtek Stecyszyn 

    Nice tracks. Good sounding mix and great vocals.

  • MikeHill / Raven's Call
    MikeHill / Raven's Call 

    Awesome. Vocals, guitars, melody and lyrics. The whole compo…

  • Orlando51

    Splendid !!

  • TheCoalRooms

    you have an awesome sound! liking the underground vibe to it…

  • Chris Baynes
    Chris Baynes 

    Dope tune yo really like how it turns up as it goes too

  • Jed Rock
    Jed Rock 

    So well produced, this song is really a mix of different inf…

  • Age of Iguana
    Age of Iguana 

    This is quality. Real nice work

  • Grammy Gunning
    Grammy Gunning 

    This a good song dude keep up