AaRON - 'Blouson Noir'

AaRON - 'Blouson Noir'

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‘Blouson Noir’ is draped in the hypnotic blackness the story of its creation evokes whilst AaRON, before your eyes, become a daring act, unafraid to set themselves apart with irresistible melody, haunting vocals and whol…

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  • Klavdia Sarycheva
    Klavdia Sarycheva 


  • stardragonelf

    every tyme I ear and feel this sound geometry my ❤ m~plodez …

  • Jean Vito M.
    Jean Vito M. 

    Sunday 🙏 🌍 🌱 💚 🇲🇺 ✌️

  • Oli

    can't get enough of this song. a real gem 💎


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