"RAP GOD" - ERIN Covers EMINEM -(c. 2014)

"RAP GOD" - ERIN Covers EMINEM -(c. 2014)


Early work. 2014. Erinem covers Eminem song, Rap God. Youtube upload of this video reached 200k views before Erinem removed it to remaster the audio. This is the remastered version.

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  • Troncdyclop

    Great, but you're always impressive with your own style of R…

  • Ely Flo

    Ely Flo

    · 8y

    werdd lol u should make ur own music if u dnt already do I l…

  • R'ILL Effect

    Cool nice cover! Em is my favorite

  • Blind Kids With Guns

    great cover


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