so what's it matter, the past??

so what's it matter, the past??

Dave Orestes 1

I guess I am hung up on how and why we repeat mistakes over and over.
The map to a better future is clearly written in the past.
Learn from it, don't distort it,

so what's an hour...It's 60 minutes
so what's a minute...…

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  • No killie fish

    Great tune Dave, according to Einstein Time doesn't exist ..…

  • Mia Wilks

    Mia Wilks

    · 7mo

    ‘What will you do tomorrow?’ I think this is a great line. F…

  • Alfredo Salvatori

    Lyrics that make you think, Dave! The present is made of the…


    I love that lyric - time is such a waste of time.


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