The Little Blue Girl (Karlit-O-Kay & Matthew F. Blowers

The Little Blue Girl (Karlit-O-Kay & Matthew F. Blowers

Karlit-O-Kay (K-O-K)

Original Instrumental-Composition "Dying": Karlit-O-Kay
Vocals and Lyrics on "Dying": Matthew F. Blowers


If you know or suspect
anyone of child abuse
please, let your voice be heard
for the children's sake

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  • Fullyard

    this version, this interpretation, it feels like balancing a…

  • Myckael Marcovic
    Myckael Marcovic 

    Terrible story ! Terrible ! I have tears in my eyes!

  • 🎧 *thommo*
    🎧 *thommo* 

    another nice track...well crafted

  • Mind Watching Your Elbow
    Mind Watching Your Elbow 

    wow the vocals are cool af! love the effects and unique song…


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