Comic Bakery (Broken Bakery Remix)

Comic Bakery (Broken Bakery Remix)


A remix of Martin Galways old Commodore 64 title track from the game 'Comic Bakery' influenced by Mr.Mister - Broken Wings. Made for the album Remix64 vol. 3 - Syntax Era.

Guitars by Magnus Högdahl.

Made with Logic Pro…

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  • Bartek Kubiatowski
    Bartek Kubiatowski 

    Still good... once for week and still with love :)

  • beattherapy

    WHAT ALCHEMY IS THIS?!?!? Colliding waves of nostalgia.... n…

  • Oliver Wndmth
    Oliver Wndmth 

    Interesting remix. LIKE

  • Focus 10
    Focus 10 

    Blast that raccoon! Fantastic work - love it!


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