• Julian Michael Power  .

    blimey madam ! clever you are Indeed!: )

  • Shade Structure

    So great! great humorous commentary on love!


    Loved it Emma, Foolishness is what makes the world go round!…

  • Koloko


    · 8mo

    here it would rather be a bottle of wine we fall in love wit…

  • Likewyse Productions

    oh this is sweet - piano and sound fx in the beginning prepa…

  • Kraftkabel

    Haha! Don't tell the coffee machine.

  • Dave Orestes 1

    must have been an interesting flash of correlation for you w…

  • cam-o the chameleon

    humor and tune greatly appreciated Emma

  • Topaz Bon

    Topaz Bon

    · 11mo

    Great, make a good Monty Python song!