• James D'Aquila

    Awesome performance ✌🏻❤️

  • Sinth


    · 1y

    love this great song, beautiful performance..beautiful vocal…

  • Sornettes Et Baratin

    Nice atmosphere, very catchy music

  • AntiAnti

    You got to winn

  • Randy Souviney

    Nicely complicated harmony in the chorus.

  • markjbennett

    Your vocal is so evocative Johnny and this song lingers with…

  • Karl Heinz - Heimgartner

    Wonderful your rocksound in to the light. I like it 🎶🎧🎤🎸…

  • No killie fish

    @calyx_kre thanks Calyx. appreciate it.

  • Bruce Avery

    Power. Hear some Journey & Genesis influence. A little of th…

  • Watchglass

    Whoa! Nailed that beautiful last high note!