Pon Ondru Kanden

Pon Ondru Kanden

Krish Ashok

A Bromance Waltz adaptation of the Tamil film classic.

Flutes, vocals - @indian_music_fan
Strings, vocals, arrangement - @krishashok

Pon ondru kanden peN angu illai
ennendru naan sollalaaguma
(I only saw Gold…

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  • Vivek N

    Vivek N

    · 5mo

    Honestly the quality of vocals is really terrible compared t…

  • Rafeek Tvm

    super song Pallavaram take ka naam

  • SloJo


    · 5y

    thanks guys. fantastic job. could have given more importance…

  • Srilaxmi Nair

    I come back to soundcloud at times to listen to few tracks l…


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