Word of a King

Word of a King

The Welton Shipwreck

A song about people with far too much power who command little respect


To rule over everything
is a poisoned chalice for sure
To fool them all and make 'em think
you're in any kind of control at all

You're sch…

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  • Dr. Wally Bartfay
    Dr. Wally Bartfay 

    Great production. Enticing vocals.

  • Michael Sellers
    Michael Sellers 

    Now, would you be thinking about Boris J.? Great track!

  • CamBoAna x KaMarS
    CamBoAna x KaMarS 

    I’m messing with the slow start ☔️

  • Tim Trainer
    Tim Trainer 

    Excellent work as usual...beautiful song very well performed…


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