Reflection In The Heat

Reflection In The Heat


If you can't wait until 1:40 to drop off then you miss out.

The tune has a bit of 60s psychedelia, some 70s funk vibe, and a tiny bit of the 80s. This is about the everyday, a story to take you away. The name is a doub…

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  • Davy Vance
    Davy Vance 

    There is a sticky hot,claustrophobic undercurrent reflected …


    BEATBULLY MUZZIC 🎯 💯 🎯 like ya music 🎶 🎵 keep making hi…

  • Béjar Music
    Béjar Music 

    Good job friend, congratulations 🙂

  • ElectroTrek

    Amazeballs, Dave! Brilliantly blended fusion of styles! Geni…


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