Vengeance of the Rat King

Vengeance of the Rat King

English Minor

“Vengeance of the Rat King”

Tragedy when party’s over
All your friends are short long-goners
Memories of camaraderie have flip-flopped, turned and now are soured
Like the hope that once did dope you
Some half-baked, du …

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  • Clay Young
    Clay Young 

    Bigfoot likes rat king

  • Dom Torregrossa
    Dom Torregrossa 

    Seems like you cant get more ironic or learn about you guys …

  • CW Mullins
    CW Mullins 

    Sparks! Not a copy at all but some of that cool quirkiness �…

  • Patrick Donahue
    Patrick Donahue 

    Unique and clever song!


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